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Operational Benefits To Using Animated Video For Business (D.R.I.V.E.)

Operational Benefits to Using Animated Video for Business (D.R.I.V.E.)

This article is about getting the core of the operational efficiencies that can be realized by taking advantage of explainer videos. I used the anagram D.R.I.V.E. to represent the following:

* Deliver Value

* Reduce Service Delivery Costs

* Instill Confidence

* Validate Beliefs

* Edutainment

In my blogs, I will always stress the importance of character-driven stories to keep the audience’s attention. In this story, we meet “Mr. Baxter” a fresh food restauranteur. He decided now is the time to get into Explainer Videos.


Mr. Baxter is the owner of a new fresh food market (FMI) in the West End area of Dallas. In order to appeal to prospective clients, he creates his first explainer video ranking ‘The Best Food Network Shows from a (Confessed) Fresh Food Junkie.’” He publicizes the ad through local Google Ads and offers viewers BOGO dinner coupons in exchange for their email. 

Small Businesses have the opportunity to provide unique value to their prospects or clients through explainer videos. The offer is a low-risk investment for the small business, but it is also the beginning point of a multiple-step pipeline that might ultimately result in a sale or at the very least a solid referral. 

There are many effective tools for managing the pipeline, but Salesforce is the recognized leader with visual tracking capacity and the ability to handle account level notes.


Mr. Baxter knows that there are several tedious costs associated with running a business and that a good percentage of the population likes to do things for themselves. Mr. Baxter brings his team together to brainstorm all of the tasks involved in the ordering, preparation, delivery and payment processes.  The team realizes that a full 50% of tasks can be outsourced to the customer, reducing his overall budget by 3%-9% in a given year. Mr. Back creates an explainer video to instruct customers on how to:

  1. Pre-Order online
  2. Indicate the utensils and napkins required
  3. Opt to accept minimal-wrap, which is properly arranged but not fancily packaged food
  4. Trial weekends as “Pickup Only” days, where the restaurant can cease expensive in-store food delivery.

In today’s business environment, tasks are moving to self-serve. Businesses are striving to stay open and Consumers want things done their own way (T/Y BK). Explainer videos are an effective communication tool to help outline the steps involved.


Mr. Baxter knows that customers who trust him will trust his restaurant. He also knows that the best way to instill confidence is by:

  1. Displaying self-assurance
  2. Moving and speaking solidly (i.e., not shaking)
  3. Staying true to your word

Mr. Baxter and his leadership team create a video to inform customers about FMI’s:

  • FMI’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Yelp Customer Voice Task Force to respond to angry customers within 6 hours of posting
  • Mr. Baxter’s Open Door Policy

In The Speed of Trust (2006), Steven H.R. Covey details a direct correlation between “Trust” or Lack Thereof, and the speed of business operations. Trust can act as a catalyst, whereas the lack of trust can slow business down to proverbial snail’s pace. An example of this is when a multitude of 4 or more QA checks by different departments are built as a check on the same process from 4 different vantage points.


Despite what they may say, Mr. Baxter knows that “Everyone likes to hear that they correct — everyone” Mr. Baxter decided to support both his current and future patrons and his restaurant by creating an explainer film that highlights the benefits of using fresh ingredients and cooking methods. “Five Ways to Eat Fresh and Live Longer” was published in July 2019 and 15K individuals have viewed to date. 200 people have commented on the article on 300 people who have liked the article.

Providing validation for the client’s beliefs is a way to align with them. Providing validation also encourages the client to learn more about you, quite possibly to order your services or become a referral source.


Growing up on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street, Mr. Baxter knows the power of combining laughter with learning. Mr. Baxter works with Sketchology to create an explainer video with fictional animated characters to portray a happy family that is looking for something new and healthy. They are pleasantly surprised when they find “FMI” has a wide selection of food, is very patron-friendly, yet still affordable.  

Family restaurants are among the best types of businesses for Explainer Videos using Edutainment. The whole family can laugh while learning about the excellent food. All small businesses, though, can benefit from the powerful medium (Explainer Videos) through a clear lens/ education style (Edutainment).

At Sketchology, we believe that edutainment explainer videos are about the story above and beyond anything else. Whether its hand-drawn art or standard images, whiteboard, or animated, what is most important is accurately depicting a story that matches the originator’s intent.

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