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Success Story: AdvanceNet Labs

Keith Thode, Chief Scientist and CEO of AdvanceNet Labs, talks about making a video for the Dallas County Community College District to promote the Student Success App.


Explaining Technology for Dallas County Community College District

When I saw another Sketchology video I saw the power in the short story and I thought, that’s what we’ll do is to make more

Riveted and compelled to engage with our work

We were looking for a video that would quickly summarize both the challenge we are addressing as an organization as well as the unique more

True Fan

They do excellent work !!!

More Compelling Than a Traditional Presentation

The Sketchology team helped us effectively tell our story in a much more compelling way than a traditional presentation.

Strong Grant Proposal

The video produced by the Sketchology team helped us deliver a strong grant proposal and build internal enthusiasm for the project.

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