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Sketchology was created with the aim to work collaboratively with clients and to break down the silos that keep brands from providing meaningful customer experiences. In this constantly switched on world, we craft narratives using data, art and sheer gut feeling. We know what it takes to be a leader, and over the years, we’ve created a pool of carefully recruited video creation experts to support the success of each of our clients in a professional and upbeat manner.

Our mission and vision revolve around helping your business grow! We are led by our core ethos. We hope to help companies across all industries reach their target audience and expand their business. To put it simply, we are your perfect digital partners!


NEIL ISRAEL, Co-Founder & Managing Director (PMP, MS-PJM, LSSBB)

Neil helps organizations tell their story. Through facilitated brainstorming sessions, he guides teams and organizations to identify the heroes, conflicts, and resolutions that will create a compelling narrative.

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SUZIE ISRAEL, Co-Founder & Creative Director (BS, BFA)

Suzie is an art and computer geek who enjoys creating a pleasing and elegant user experience for you and your customers. She is passionate about creativity and the power of the internet to convey your message.

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PRIYANKA ACHARYA, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (BTech)

Priyanka is an online marketing strategist, specialized in increasing revenue of any business from scratch level. She is expert in making your online business much more profitable on the web.

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Vice President of Sales

An Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran with many commendations, Major King also serves as an evangelist for the power of storytelling through animated video.

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LEAH OVERBEY, Visual Storyteller (BFA)

As a digital and traditional artist, Leah tells stories by making pictures, using tools that range from a graphics tablet to a pencil or paintbrush. She gets to go to work every single day and do what she loves! Who knows? Perhaps she will collaborate on telling your story.

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