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7 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos Can Pitch Your Services

7 Reasons Why Animated explainer Videos Can Pitch Your Services

Since the explosion of YouTube in 2009, explainer videos have become an established part of American business communication. Small businesses and start-up ventures do not have studio budgets or anything remotely resembling “free time.” Small Businesses can, however, benefit from animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos allow small businesses to create effective tools to pitch their services for an estimated 4.5 years without breaking the proverbial bank. Below, I will explain why.

Inspiration – Great explainer videos should tell a compelling story, with a hero, an obstacle or villain, a guide, a victory, and a better tomorrow. The guide is the company being represented. The hero is the prospective customer of the guide. The obstacle is the problem that the company’s product seeks to solve. Inspiration happens as the viewer identifies themselves as the hero character being led to victory over the obstacle by the guide and led to a better tomorrow.

Demonstration – The role of animated explainer videos goes from awesome to extraordinary when you think about the power of demonstration. This is especially true in areas of break-through technology. For start-up companies that have lofty goals of building expensive equipment, animated explainer video (often 3D) can be the best way for them to explain their vision without needing to raise the capital to have actual models built…which can put them in bankruptcy before they get started.

Articulation – Recent studies have found that Americans have a severe distaste for calling into customer service. Customers also feel empowered when they can figure things out for themselves. Using animated videos to explain how products work while reducing calls that are costly to companies and irritating to customers is a win-win!

Personification – Animated explainer videos should be used to create or strengthen bonds between the brand and the client. One way this can be done is through personifying your guide.

Simplification – One of the best uses of animated explainer videos is to break down complicated concepts into more easily understood pieces. Explainer videos are now being used to help children with chronic disease to effectively manage their disease through a mixture of inspiration and edutainment. By focusing on the behaviors and results, video creators can cover a lot of ground without delving too far into detail on specifics.

Modification – The ability to edit makes all videos – including explainer videos – an extremely flexible and effective marketing tool. It has been estimated that the video has an average lifespan of 4.5 years as a business tool. This partially because of its portability and partially due to the ability to tailor and send specific messages to specific people. The ability to modify opens all kinds of possibilities for small businesses in terms of new offerings, new customer targets, and new messaging.

Imagination – Animation allows product owners the ability to tell magical stories that stretch their customer’s imagination without Hollywood production. Traditional dimensions of space and the body’s ability to withstand multiple intermittent explosive devices are no match for a creative animator/illustrator.

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